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Les articles et les créations graphiques peuvent etre envoyé à notre commité de relecture à heartfulnessmag@heartfulness.frAdd contact Les messages pour les contributeurs et vos commentaires peuvent aussi etre envoyé à la meme adresse.
Guidelines for submissions:

We invite you to submit thought-provoking, heartful, original articles, artwork and photography. Heartfulness Magazine is a holistic lifestyle magazine, so we welcome articles about self-development in all areas of mind, body and spirit, as well as about relationships, work, nature and the environment, interviews with interesting people living heartful lives, and stories and activites for children. In each issue we also feature those great human beings who have inspired and made a difference to humanity over the centuries and up to the present day.

Please submit articles of up to 500 words as MS Word documents and proofread them carefully before submission. Contributions will be reviewed for possible publication, and those articles selected may be edited for clarity and brevity. Contributions must be original works and not taken or paraphrased from other sources. For quotes or paraphrased excerpts, please cite the source with author, book title, and edition. Photographs, artwork and any other imagery are to be submitted as high resolution files of 600 dpi or greater.

The decision on the selection of all material for the magazine is done by the editors and articles are subject to editing in consultation with the author.  By submitting your contribution, you agree to grant printing and publishing rights to Spiritual Hierarchy Publication Trust.